About me



Coppertop playing while sea glass hunting

Welcome!! I’m Ria, an eco mama jewellery designer (shop  here ) to my Coppertop rainbow baby girl, working towards a life filled with nature, magic, art, laughter and love here in Ireland.

I blog about how we create a simple mindful compassionate life through minimalism, my passion for sea glass hunting, delicious recipes, time in nature, running a non-toxic household and Waldorf- inspired creative play for children. I share my passions, my inspirations and my struggles.

So step into my world, maybe you’ll discover magic of your own while you’re here 🙂

Random facts about us:

It’s never too early in the day for us to dance about like loons

My version of a comfort blanket is curled up reading The Chronicles Of Narnia with a coconut milk hot chocolate

Pretty sure I know the entire script of Labyrinth

Coppertop has immeasurably more grace and poise than her mama

I could waste hours on Pinterest fuelling my tiny house obsession

I think coconut oil solves everything

The only thing I miss about owning a tv is Wimbledon

I have a complete obsession with collecting sea glass, to see the jewellery and crafts I create with my treasures , click here

Leslie Knope is my hero, my girl crush, my ideal best friend and should be President of Earth. If you somehow haven’t seen Parks And Recreation, stop reading this blog immediately and go watch it. You’re welcome

To contact me, please feel free to email  : ria@copperrainbow.com