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Homemade and natural crafts / toys for little wildlings

Handmade Felt Nature Play Mat

Our nature play mat with waterfall, hilltop, river, beach, sea, apple trees, meadow, veg patch and pond.

Our felt nature play mat with waterfall, hilltop, river, beach, sea, rock pools, apple trees, meadow, veg patch and pond.

A large play mat for the floor with a shimmering waterfall, an apple orchard, forest, flower meadow, river, duck pond, beach, sea, rock pools, vegetable patch, hideaway secret cave and a hilltop. That is what I imagined in my head to make for Coppertop’s 2nd birthday. One that could be the host for many different stories and imaginary play that could be easily folded up and stored when not in use. I made a little sketch in a notebook, checked what fabrics I had and got to work….oh, no wait, that’s right, I procrastinated and put it off until 3 days before her birthday….. so glad I’m not quite that bad anymore. No more nights staying up until 1am trying to sew beaches to seas and gluing tree trunks to cut corners until I could later sew them down! Continue reading →

Homemade (Waldorf-y) Marionettes

Our little Waldorf inspired marionettes

Our little Waldorf inspired marionettes

Being a perfectionist and procrastinator with a fear of failure is a joyous combination that I’ve battled since being a teenager. Giving my all to a project then giving up right before the finish line. Leaving things to the last minute so if they don’t turn out like I’d hoped, I could always tell myself, “ah well, I didn’t have enough time….”

Luckily since discovering the benefits of simple living and minimalism, I don’t really have any half-finished projects taunting me from the shelves anymore. Apart from these dolls…. a glowing testament to my lack of confidence and faith in my own capabilities. These poor souls lay smushed up in a basket for the past year. Yep, since last December( ok pedantic people, NEARLY a year). I had created them from scratch having never done any form of doll making before and had managed to stumble my way towards charming little marionettes for Coppertop and I to put on plays with and tell stories. Except for the hair. Continue reading →

Autumn Acorn Forest Folk

Our adorable acorn family, how cute is that baby!!

Our adorable acorn family, how cute is that baby!!

I love creating things inspired by nature , especially if it’s something that Coppertop will enjoy. This charming little Autumn family created from cones and acorns fit that criteria perfectly. We made these last Autumn but thought I would share as they brought us a lot of fun and lots of happy memories. The day we foraged our supplies was a typical Irish Autumn day, showers of rain on and off, punctuated with blue skies and golden light, just cold enough to have our gloves on but warm enough that we were hot after running about in the leaves for a while. We decided to go on a hunt for Continue reading →

DIY Play Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

From charity shop junk to bespoke play kitchen

From charity shop junk to bespoke play kitchen

I blame Pinterest. For most things actually. I can happily do without a tv, Facebook, barely check Twitter, never had an Instagram account and I’m still not entirely sure what Snapchat is. But please, never take away my beloved Pinterest. From ideas about simple tech-free living ( yes I’m aware of the irony) to elaborate party themes (fairy glades for a 1 yr old,j’accuse), it’s my spare time addiction. Luckily, that also provides me with tons of inspiration for most areas of my life, especially all things Coppertop related.

I’ve been drooling over play kitchen makeovers since Continue reading →