My Sanctuary

Do you have a place where you feel instantly calm yet uplifted the second you’re there? Where the worries of the world fade away and you can get lost in the moment? Well this is mine. Our family’s (non-working) farm that I visit weekly. The perfect place to unwind , where I come away feeling relaxed yet invigorated


Most people have at least one place like that and for many it involves being out in the elements. To feel the wind on your face, the noise of the birds,waves on a shore ,the babble of a mountain stream,the scent of a rose garden.

With the modern day hustle and bustle where a social life can mean a group of people staring at their phones in the same place for a few hours , it does wonders to be able to slow down and reconnect with the amazing natural world around you. To spend time noticing the way a butterfly flits from plant to plant or the way barley in a field bends and sways in the breeze ( see above photo), instead of worrying about emails, or Facebook notifications,deadlines and to do lists.


I say everybody should find a similar sanctuary, go there, switch off your phone for a day ( ok a few hours if that’s unthinkable) and take time to recharge. Also why I’m working on creating a life where that’s incorporated into the daily routine , make it the norm , not the exception. I’m not sure who said it but this quote springs to mind  ” Instead of planning a vacation, plan a life you don’t need to escape from” …

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