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Blackcurrant & Lavender Cordial

A light aromatic cordial bursting with relaxing goodness

A light aromatic blackcurrant & lavender cordial perfect for diluting, adding to white wine/champagne or simply pouring over ice cream…

Oooooh blackcurrant how I love thee. Oh lavender how I also love thee. To combine the two into a delicious light cordial?!! Glorious!! But more on that in a little bit…Firstly, my humble apologies for being so absent, between the house move, new business and some heartache, I wasn’t left with much time or energy to put into this site but hopefully we’re now finding our new rhythm enough to let me sneak some time on here with you guys! I have a huge backlog of posts to share all our new adventures since moving to the countryside which has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made… last week Coppertop and I walked past the fields into the next village collecting blackberries on our way. A lady walking the opposite direction saw her basket full of blackberries and invited us in to her garden to pick more! Well. We ended up with not only blackberries but a full tub of blackcurrants, lots of rhubarb (made into a gorgeous crumble) and swathes of freshly cut lavender! What a wonderful chance encounter that led to a new friendship and even better, she’s a veggie too!! Was meant to be. 🙂

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