Vegan Cheese & Onion Crisps

Easy frugal potato peeling snack

Easy frugal potato peeling snack

This is one of those times that I kick myself and think ” WHY have I never done this before?!” Frugal. Quick. So unbelievably moreish I’m not sure I should share in case you all shout at me for getting you addicted. But I’m going to share anyway, they’re too good not to!

Potato peeling crisps. Why. Why has it taken me 33 years to discover these? They make perfect sense. Making something tasty ( though not exactly healthy) out of scraps that would normally be composted. A quick snack that satisfies a craving for cheese and onion flavour crisps ( chips for my American friends) without buying processed expensive junk.

There isn’t a recipe as such for these as it’s such a simple process. All you need is:

Potato peelings
Nutritional yeast (full of vitamins and minerals, has a savoury cheesy flavour)
Sea salt
Onion granules
Plus a little mild oil for frying ( I use veg or sunflower)

That’s it. Feels crazy even typing this up and I’m sure lots of you already know about these, but I thought I better share in case any of you are like me and live in a bubble devoid of heavenly snacks like this.
Basically, heat the oil to medium high in a pan, fry peelings for a few minutes until golden , then lift out and drain off excess oil. Put in a bowl, sprinkle over a little sea salt ( only a little, you want the flavour to come from the other seasoning) and toss. Then sprinkle( or if you’re like me and have a nooch addiction, dump) over nutritional yeast and onion granules to taste,then mix again. Easy to swap out for other flavour combos too. Try garlic powder and smoked paprika/Salt and vinegar/Chinese 5 spice / chilli and lemon zest/ salt and black pepper. Seasoning mixes can also be used for homemade fresh popcorn too!
Perfect for munching on as they are , these don’t last long in our household. Feel free to hit me with some of your own flavour suggestions and let me know what you think by commenting below. Happy snacking people! X

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